Heiko Laschitzki’s warmth, humor, empathy and professionalism are

always evident in his portraits and fashion photography. Laschitzki

has been a vital member of Berlin’s vibrant cultural community since

he moved to the city after graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine

Arts in The Hague.









Since 2010, when he began working with the prestigious

FOCUS agency, Heiko Laschitzki has photographed taste-making

international artists, actors, musicians and models. Their

appreciation for his character and artistry, especially in stressful

circumstances, is palpable in his images. Heiko consistently

creates a comfortable and inspiring environment for subjects.

Regardless of their background, he inspires them to express themselves

for his camera. This apply to calmly capture people in their element

is demonstrated in his ongoing series of black-and-white backstage

shots taken during Berlin Fashion Week. This series provides

touchingly intimate insight into fashion’s unseen creative process and

proves Heiko Laschitzki’s rare gift.

For insight into Heiko Laschitzki’s working process, click here :


2014 PhotoOff, Paris
2014 Update, Berlin
2014 Galeries Lafayette, Berlin
2014 Kraftwerk, Berlin
2014 Amano Hotel, Berlin
2013 New York Photo Festival, New York
2011 Portrait exhibition, Gallery Torstrasse, Berlin
2010 GrimMuseum at ArtForum, Berlin
2009 Exhibition at Berlin Fashion Week, Berlin
2007 Groupexhibition, Expo Telechargement, Paris
2005 Agency exhibition, Foto-Union, Spindler & Klatt, Berlin
2004 Agency exhibition, Foto-Union, Kaisersaal, Berlin
2003 Exakt exhibition at Stilwerk, Berlin
2001 Forum fuer zeitgenoessische Fotografie, Munich
2000 Artparty / Galerie Objektiv, Cologne
1999 Groupexhibition / Gallery Stroom, The Hague
1999 Graduation exhibition / Royal Gallery, The Hague
1997 Gallery New World, Dusseldorf
1996 Gallery Exit-Art, Cologne


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